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Brass in the Medows

Parramatta City Band recently played at the annual spring fair hosted at Park Meadows Retirement Village. It was a wonderful event with a great variety of food and stalls available for the guests. The band played a mixed repertoire, catering to the diverse needs of the audience.

The performance was thoroughly enjoyed by the residents and their families, who appreciated the band's efforts to entertain them. The band members were also very pleased with the response they received and felt inspired to continue making music that brings joy to people's lives.

Parramatta City Band has a rich history of entertaining audiences with their music, and their recent performance at Park Meadows Retirement Village was no exception. They are committed to bringing their unique sound to different venues and events and leaving a lasting impression on their listeners.

Overall, the band's performance at the spring fair was a great success, and they look forward to playing at similar events in the future.

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