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Josh and Zoe take on the best from the Hunter!

Two talented musicians from Parramatta City Band, Josh and Zoe, recently participated in the HRBA solo event on 7/10/23. The duo played a Euphonium duet together, showcasing their exceptional skills and musicianship.

Josh and Zoe represented the band with great pride and dedication, putting in long hours of practice and preparing for this special event. Their hard work and commitment paid off as they delivered a mesmerising performance that captivated the audience and impressed everyone.

It's always inspiring to see young musicians like Josh and Zoe take on challenges and push themselves to new heights. Their passion for music and their devotion to the band is a testament to their talent and commitment. We are proud to have them as a part of the Parramatta City Band and can't wait to see them achieve even greater success in the future.

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